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English-Czech Translation Forum

This is the place to post your translation requests in Czech or English and to help others with your skills and knowledge. Important: Always give the context of your enquiry!
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need translation of a song and corrected Czech as well » answer
by MaryJVilim, 2017-05-14, 18:43  Spam?  50.83.220....
My husband's uncle included in his account of his father the words to a song he used to sing with his drinking buddies (this would be Montrea ca. 1930).

I am trying to read his handwriting so I need corrected Czech as well.  This forum doesn't seem to provide for uploading of files but I could send a copy of the handwriting to anyone willing to help.

I am transcribing his account and would like to include an English translation of the song along with the correct Czech.

I don't know Czech and can't help.  I tried Google translate but it didn't make sense.

Thanks for any help offered!

Mary Vilim

Kanada ye rozširen
Na cili svet vichvalena
Hej na celi svet vichvalena!
J so neznav is sprobova
a pari centov zo šporval.
Hi paru centov jedne stovki
Ponahlom so no Nev Vorkie.
Av Nev Yorkie šifa trubi
ci mna najej posikujn.
A Kapitane se zhovaraju
ze drohje sifkanty najie
Hej Hej …
Old photo captions » answer
by SteveJ811, 2017-01-29, 19:12  Spam?  12.13.14...
Hi -
I am investing my family tree and have several photos with hand written notes on the back that I am trying to translate.  The first says:
"Pamiatku od svátéko byrmovania.  Tetička Bratislavý súnam byrmovna mama."

I know this relates to a feast celebration but cannot get the rest of it.  There may my errors due to my interpretation of the handwriting.

The second item appears on the back of several photos and I believe it may be a city or town.  It appears variously as:
Rim. Baría
Rimavsky Bari

These photos are all from the 1920-1930s.

Any and all help much appreciated!

Slovak  #863886
by bacek73 (CZ), 2017-01-30, 08:16  Spam?  
try this question put in Slovak - English translation forum. Maybe there anybody will help.
My attempt:
Pamiatku od svátéko byrmovania - Memory of holy confirmation.
Tetička Bratislavý súnam byrmovna mama - Auntie from Bratislava is on the mama's confirmation.

Old photo captions  #867552
by renbyska (SK), 2017-03-27, 13:23  Spam?  
I hope my answer will be of any help yet.
As to the first notes:
"Memory of the Comfirmation. Auntie from Bratislava was our Confirmation Godmother."
The second part:
I believe, it´s "Barca" that should come out of the handwriting, because there is a village called "Barca" that really exists in the municipality of Rimavská Sobota in Slovakia. Maybe it was called Rimavská Barca by the locals in the past. Please check with the link:
Wikipedia(EN): Barca,_Rimavsk%C3%A1_Sobota_District

Renata - Slovakia
Translation please  » answer
by Czech to English , 2017-01-12, 20:08  Spam?  77.99.229....
Tak vytahnul nahradni a nasel jsem tam spoustu nasich fotek
Will run for beer » answer
by Beer, 2016-08-03, 17:14  Spam?  104.51.40....
Can anyone translate this phrase to Czech? Thank you!

"Will Run For Beer!"
Any context would be help  #850688
by bacek73 (CZ), 2016-08-04, 07:56  Spam?  
Poběžíme na pivo!
Zmatenej » answer
by Mahony (UN), 2016-07-04, 19:56  Spam?  
Je možné si zde dělat anglicko český test slovíček? Německo-čes. mi běží, ale anglickej nemohu nikde najít.
Předem díky
by horno falcky, 2016-07-19, 11:31  Spam?  92.202.59....
Je možné.
rabský » answer
by yabyy, 2016-05-09, 12:01  Spam?  86.147.39...

Can someone tell me what rabský means please.

Any context?  #844298
by bacek73 (CZ), 2016-05-23, 13:27  Spam?  
It could be a surname.
Translation  » answer
by Celeb, 2016-05-02, 03:10  Spam?  189.97.85....
Hi, I'm trying  (without success) to find the translation for:
"The law of the mind is relentless."

Thank you!
The law of the mind is relentless.  #842098
by bacek73 (CZ), 2016-05-03, 07:56  Spam?  
Zákon mysli je neúprosný.
Context would help.
Context  #842178
by Celeb, 2016-05-03, 18:08  Spam?  104.200.131....
Hi! Thanks for your help!

It's a quote from Buddha:
“The law of the mind is relentless.
What you think, you create;
What you feel, you attract;
What you believe becomes reality. ”
I don't know what's better  #842199
by bacek73 (CZ), 2016-05-04, 06:46  Spam?  
Zákon mysli je neúprosný.
Síla mysli je neúprosná.
Síla mysli je neúnavná.
Síla mysli je významná...
Is there any translation » answer
by horno falcky, 2015-10-29, 12:58  Spam?  92.192.26...
Any context?  #822245
by bacek73 (CZ), 2015-10-29, 14:11  Spam?  
Návrh - udavač, informátor ?
whistleblower  #822250
by horno falcky, 2015-10-29, 14:54  Spam?  92.192.26...
žádný context. Velice děkuji !
“Papírový Mojšl” » answer
by bezkydbard (US), 2015-05-28, 14:53  Spam?  
Dobrý den!
I'm translating poems by Petr Bezruč, and can't figure out what "Mojšl" means. The title of one poem, and a recurring phrase in the poem, is “Papírový Mojšl.” I think it's a Czech spelling of the Yiddish name "Moishe" but am unsure. Any ideas?

Thanks, Díky moc!
Mojšl - Moishe  #803887
by bacek73 (CZ), 2015-06-08, 07:52  Spam?  
Dobrý den,
I don't know it exactly, but i think you're right.
Sign at border » answer
by Ernadora (DE), 2014-09-16, 12:53  Spam?  

the following text is wrtitten on a sign at the czech-austrian border, which is at this place a tiny stream. I am curious to know what it means.

Pozov Státny hranice
Probíhají hranicim vodním tokem
Mimo Uživatelů pozemků.

attempt to translation  #769007
by bacek73 (CZ), 2014-09-16, 13:15  Spam?  
Pozor Státní hranice - Attention! State boundary.
Probíhají hraničním vodním tokem - Pass over border watercours.
Mimo Uživatelů pozemků - Without users of land.
Border sign  #769101
by kocka, 2014-09-17, 16:37  Spam?  81.149.145....
Attention! The state border is inside the waterway. Users of allotments are exempt.
Can't find "bředly" in dictionaries » answer
by bezkydbard (US), 2014-06-27, 16:19  Spam?  
My best guess is that this is similar/related to břehy, "bank" or "shore," which makes some sense in context. Any suggestions? (I'm also curious about the verb in the first line below - what's the main action?)

"...přes řeku vzpomínek loďky snů bředly,
motýl mi na ruku sednul."

Díky moc!
not commonly used a word  #760666
by bacek73 (CZ), 2014-07-01, 08:04  Spam?  

bředly - in my opinion is it something like "sink"

Možná ti někdo poradí lépe.
"bředly"  #819089
by renbyska (SK), 2015-10-03, 18:10  Spam?  
I know it´s a little bit late (after one year) but I think it´s never late to expand one´s knowledge and better late than never. As a professional translator I frequently come across some words (often archaic, poetic), specialized terms, idioms etc. which I don´t know and it´s simply impossible to consult every problem with an expert. Thank God there is internet today with search engine tools. So my professional advice is - do not hesitate to google, search, investigate, dig!
In this special case after looking for "bředly", this is what came out of it:
and subsequently
"Bředly" is past tense of "břísti" and means "to ford", to cross a e.g. river over a shallow place.
Good luck in the future!
Translation Request » answer
by Undead-Dinosaur (US), 2014-02-24, 23:28  Spam?  
Hi. I'm looking for a translation for the following line:

"Eagles still fly in sunlight."

I need something a native speaker would say, so machine translations have been less than assuring. I speak no Czech. I'm not sure how to explain the context, except that it's literal and used as an inspirational saying (in a fictional story).

Thanks. :)
by bezkydbard (US), 2014-06-27, 16:39  Spam?  
"Orli pokračovat v letu na slunci."

eagle = orel ("orli" plural)
still fly = pokračovat v letu (literal: "continue to fly")
in sunlight = na slunci (literal: "in the sun")

Hope that helps!
by Undead-Dinosaur (US), 2014-11-10, 20:15  Spam?  
English-Czech » answer
by BobsenClark (CZ), 2014-02-16, 20:26  Spam?  
I search for someone, who learns Czech and who is willing to converse and correct me in English.( On skype). In return, I am willing to converse and correct in Czech (my native language).
vyspinkat se. do ruzovoucka. » answer
by aswler, 2013-11-27, 15:10  Spam?  46.135.8...
Could you please translate vyspinkat se and do ruzova or do ruzivoucka for me? Thanks in advance
Translation  #737416
by Devinate (CZ), 2013-12-12, 04:20  Spam?  
to get a good night's sleep
Guckt mal da » answer
by romy (CZ/AU), Last modified: 2013-04-12, 12:26  Spam?  
Have an occasional look into the Engish-German forum:

Forum #703405

Ich übersetze gerade das Abschlusszeugnis einer Musikakademie in Israel und stolpere über das obige ...
preel » answer
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 08:26  Spam?  
Když česká milenka psala toto, to asi stále byla pod vlivem alkoholu: ".... no ja ti reku e me bolehlav po prasku preel". Všechno si můžu domyslet kromě slova "preel". Co by to mohlo být? Jméno nějakého léčiva?

".... no já ti řeknu, bolí mě hlava po prášku preel"
I tell you my head aches after this pill, ‘preel’, ...
by lentylkask (SK), 2013-04-08, 08:36  Spam?  
nie je tam preklep?
přešel?  #702606
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 08:52  Spam?  
Možná, ale jak by to pasovalo do zbytku věty?
.... no ja ti reku e me bolehlav po prasku preel alae ted jsejm si precetla cesky zpravy a padla jsem do mdlob,
Aahh!  #702607
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 08:54  Spam?  
Myslím, že to mám:
I tell you, my head aches have gone away after this pill, but I have just read the Czech news and they made me pray; the health insurance payment is late and also the money for mothers on maternity leave is coming with significant delay; ...
by lentylkask (SK), 2013-04-08, 09:17  Spam?  
that sounds really nice :)
Thanks! :)  #702617
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 09:20  Spam?  
I was just being nosy and followed the link in the DE/EN forum - headaches is written as one word.  #702623
by Lllama (GB/AT), Last modified: 2013-04-08, 10:23  Spam?  
I couldn't understand much else, though ;-)
Thanks, Joanne :)  #702666
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 12:08  Spam?  
materka » answer
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 07:41  Spam?  
Je to slang pro finanční podporu pro svobodné matky?
Kontext: ... precetla cesky zpravy a padla jsem do mdlob, nemocenska se zpozduje a materka je vyplacena taky se znacnym zpozdenim.
I have just read the Czech news and they made me pray; the health insurance payment is late and also the pension for single mothers is coming with significant delay (?)

(P.S.: It looks like these extracts from private letters or emails may be material for some divorce proceedings, so it is quite important to establish whether the potential Czech girl-friend is a single mother or has some sort of disease or disability.)
Typo? materka = materska (mateřská)  #702598
by bacek73 (CZ), 2013-04-08, 07:49  Spam?  
mateřská = finanční podpora všech (nejen svobodných matek) na mateřské dovolené
Mám toho hafo.  » answer
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 06:53  Spam?  
Co to znamená?
Kontext: Vstaval sem jako obvykle v 6:30 a bylo to peklo, ale mam toho hafo, takze neni cas na usinani...
hafo = hodně, moc  #702590
by bacek73 (CZ), 2013-04-08, 07:34  Spam?  
Děkuji  #702594
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 07:43  Spam?  
Hurá, konečně je někdo tady ... už dlouho jsem nepřekládala z Češtiny a zní to pomalu jako úplně cizý řeč.
by bacek73 (CZ), 2013-04-08, 07:51  Spam?  
Ale píšeš česky stále výborně.
Bohužel to LE nevím co by mohlo znamenat.
Díky ;)  #702618
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 09:21  Spam?  
kachna » answer
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 05:16  Spam?  
"Tak kachno. Jsem v cechach a rad bych te videl... "
So, you duck???
by bacek73 (CZ), 2013-04-08, 07:37  Spam?  
kachna = buď přezdívka (duck) nebo jméno Katka, Kačenka, Kachna...
Google nemůže najít české dívčí jméno Kachna ...  #702610
by romy (CZ/AU), 2013-04-08, 09:01  Spam?  
Kačenka, to znám, ale ne Kachna. Mohlo by to být humoristické kárání jako "you silly little goose"? Možná, protože v posledním dopise psala něco hloupého jako "ty mě už nemiluješ...." !?
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